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                Company news

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                 2022-11-28 16:29:17

                未来几天,我们将迎来大范围的降温天气。11月27日白天到28日白天,烟台市有小雨Ψ 转小到中雨;29日,我市有雨夹雪或小雪;30日到12月1日,北部地区有小到中雪局ξ部大雪。11月22日是是二十四节气中的小雪,现在译洁烟台翻译公司带大家一起了解下 “小雪”节气吧!

                小雪是中国传◇统二十四节气(the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms)中的第二十个节气,英文翻译为Minor Snow。


                Minor Snow refers to the time when it starts to snow, mostly inChina's northern areas, and the temperature continues to drop. "


                The light snow freezes at night, but melts quickly during the day.


                在中国,自小雪起,常常刮起东北风。因为此时天气并非极寒,许多人便没有戴帽子和围巾。事实上,中国有句古话@ :“头为诸阳之首(头是经脉汇集的地方)。”所以谨防头部受寒是明智的。

                In China, the wind blows from the northeast frequently since the Minor Snow. Because it is not extremely cold at this time, many people do not wear hats or scarves. In fact, according to an old Chinese saying, "the head is the place where all passages of the body gather". Thus it is sensible to beware that one's head can't be frozen.



                During the Minor Snow, indoor heating begins to work. Heating brings pleasant enjoyment to people, but it also easily leads to dryness and excessive internal heat.


                Thus the air indoors is dry and most people might feel their nose and mouth are dry. Their inner heat energy can't get out. Symptoms appear, including dental ulcers or more pimples on a person's face. The way to solve this problem is to drink more hot soup, such as cabbage with bean curd soup, spinach with bean curd soup and mutton with radish soup.

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